Şirket Detayları
  • Çalışan Sayısı: 3000

  • Sektör: Erkek Moda Giyim

  • İş Adresi: Gürsel Mahallesi Yalın Sokak No:5 Okmeydanı İstanbul

  • Kuruluş: 2002

Tanıtım Alanı

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Şirket Hakkında

Hakkında Orka Co. established in 1986 initially entered the pret-a-porter sector with DAMAT. Continuing to give life to their future brands with 100% Turkish capital, the company developed fashion into a lifestyle understanding and successfully gained position at the heart of menswear fashion. After a foreign partnership agreement in 2012, they attained status as a holding company and are continuing to operate as so. After creating a modern, timeless style with high quality fabrics and elegant designs with DAMAT which has also gained recognition as the ‘consumers favourite menswear brand’, TWEEN, was introduced with it’s attention grabbing unique designs and edgy style. Orka Holding’s last but not least third brand D’S DAMAT continues to preserve its status as one of the market leaders of the mens pret-a-porter industry today with its extensive network of stores. Orka Holding continues to pioneer in the Turkish fashion industry with the innovative contributions their 3 brands are making and are adament in continuing to do so with over 200 growing sales points globally.

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Nihat Onuk

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Sosyal Medya

Gürsel Mahallesi Yalın Sokak No:5 Okmeydanı İstanbul